The Enchanted Adventure Garden

We were looking for a place to bring the kids during the long Labour Day weekend when we stumbled upon this intriguing place called ‘Enchanted Adventure Garden’. What caught our eye was that this park had a few life-size mazes. One of Darren’s favourite pasttimes is solving maze puzzles so we felt this was the right place to visit.

It took about an hour’s drive to EAG, located at Arthur’s Seat in Mornington Peninsular. The view up the cliff was breathtaking but we wanted to beat the crowd so we only stopped to take pictures when we were going down.

The park boasts of several real-life mazes, a range of tube slides, canopy walk and really cool artistic designs throughout the area. But the main highlight was tree surfing. Apart from enjoying all the fun activities and scenic view of the garden, the kids learned an important life lesson that day to not be afraid of trying something new even when it looks difficult or scary. Darren didn’t manage to complete all 3 levels of the kids’ tree surfing challenge, but he did very well for his first time considering it took a lot of courage for such a small little boy to go through those challenges by himself so high up in the trees. He has certainly come a long way compared to the person he used to be. Cheryl, on the other hand, managed to complete all 3 levels on her own. She has always been the braver of the two and that day she displayed an exceptional level of endurance and resilience. To stand at that height, balancing on ropes and wobbly planks of wood for more than an hour continuously is no joke for a 9-year old let alone an adult. She was tired but I believe the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of it felt so amazing that she asked if she could do it all over again.

We were thankful that the weather was perfect so we got to spend a good 7 hours exploring the park and simply relaxing in the garden. EAG is indeed a magical and beautiful place and we hope to visit again in the future.

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