Paddy fields at Sekinchan

Growing up in Kedah, paddy fields have naturally become a common sight to me whenever I travel in the car. But truth be told, I have never actually been to one. In my mind, such places usually are infested with snakes and all sorts of creatures that I definitely do not want to meet. So when Eric suggested to make a trip to the paddy fields and stay the night on one, you can imagine I wasn’t quite looking forward to that. But I went along with the idea anyway because I thought it’d be a good eye-opener for my kids who have been eating rice everyday but have never seen where it came from or what it originally looked like.

We once saw in a local video production about a particular place in Selangor called Sekinchan where the paddy fields are not only meant for agriculture but also very much a tourist attraction. Many have flocked to this place for photo shooting sessions as the paddy fields make the perfect scenic backdrop – beautiful hues of green or gold, spanning across the vast lands as far as the eyes can see. At that time, it was harvesting season and thankfully we still managed to see some of the ripened paddy before they were completely harvested. Sekinchan is also nearby to the fishing village of Kuala Selangor so besides visiting the paddy fields, an added bonus is you get to enjoy the fresh seafood there.

Another first experience for the kids (and mine too) during the trip was staying in a container. Doesn’t sound very appealing at first, right? Hot, stuffy, claustrophobic… get the idea. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that bad….in fact, it was cozy, clean and rather pleasant. Most importantly, the kids loved it….mainly because they get to snuggle up  on the bed and watch tv. During the afternoon, the container can become a little hot even with the air conditioner’s temperature turned all the way down. But when night falls, the place becomes very cold. There are 8 container rooms here at Padibox; each identified by a different colour. We got the purple room which had two queen size beds in it so we had plenty of space for sleeping but not so much space left for walking and moving around….which is still fine because all we need the room for anyway is for sleeping.

So here are the photos. It would be nice to see the place again during planting season when it is all green. But that’s another trip for another time.

2016-06-09 11.20.06_edit (Medium)

The Chow cousins

2016-06-09 11.18.50_edit

The combine harvester at work

2016-06-09 11.46.25_edit (Medium)

A tour of the rice processing factory. We were told that each sack of rice can feed 1 person 2 meals a day for 19 years

2016-06-09 17.01.26_edit (Medium)

These haystacks are what’s left after the paddy is harvested

2016-06-09 17.02.49_edit (Medium)

2016-06-09 17.07.17_edit (Medium)

2016-06-09 20.13.33_edit (Medium)

Best friends….always and forever….

2016-06-09 20.11.56_edit (Medium)

Padibox….where we spent the night

2016-06-09 21.19.04_edit (Medium)

Getting cozy at the purple box

2016-06-10 08.17.38_edit (Medium)

2016-06-10 08.07.19_edit (Medium)

2016-06-10 08.22.54-1_edit (Medium)

This turned out well…..surprisingly. It was just a random shot I took of Eric teaching the kids how to do a star jump

2016-06-10 08.23.16-3_edit (Medium)

Look at me…..I can do it too!

2016-06-10 08.46.15_edit (Medium)

2016-06-10 08.46.19_edit (Medium)

Now they know where rice comes from

2016-06-09 17.53.33_edit (Medium)

Seems like containers are pretty popular in this small town.

2016-06-09 18.36.50_edit (Medium)

2016-06-09 18.38.57_edit (Medium)

Darren never fails to come up with a new silly face for our family pics.

2016-06-09 18.03.02_edit (Medium)

Couldn’t resist some kite flying at Pantai Redang after we found a stall selling this shark kite (that’s Darren’s favourite animal for now)

2016-06-09 17.29.44_edit (Medium)

Fishing boats on the way to Pantai Redang

2016-06-09 13.14.35_edit (Medium)

Saw a giant clam on display at the restaurant we went for lunch. Newspaper articles claimed it was 80-100 years old. Myth or fact?

2016-06-09 12.35.36_edit (Medium)

“Kam Heong” Crab @ Loong Hua Seafood Restaurant. Cheap and good.

2016-06-10 08.48.36_edit (Medium)

2016-06-10 08.51.29_edit (Medium)

2016-06-10 08.20.29_edit (Medium)

This reminds me of our road trips back in Southwest USA where the road stretches all the way to the horizon. Definitely can’t find this in the tiny island of Penang

2016-06-10 08.47.57_edit (Medium)

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