Our 10th year Wedding Anniversary

Today we celebrated our 10th year wedding anniversary. How time flies! Thanks to our friends J and KP, we were able to go out for our first date without the kids since Cheryl was born 5½ years ago. It felt strange at first because usually our attention would always be on the kids and we could barely manage a full conversation without any interruptions. We had a lovely time and so did the kids who had their own fun activities.

The journey of our marriage definitely has its ups and downs…but through it all, I can say for sure that I’m grateful to have a wonderful  husband and best friend who has always been by my side and loved me no matter what. It has been an amazing journey, and I’m looking forward for the years to come.

Happy 10th anniversary, dear! Love you always…..


Eric’s work of art. Tin or Aluminium symbolizes the 10th year.


Photo1 (Medium)

In the car…..with NO KIDS!!!

Photo2 (Medium)

Photo4 (Medium)

The view from the 59th floor of Komtar

Photo3 (Medium)

Photo5 (Medium)

Photo6 (Medium)

Photo7a (Medium)

Photo9 (Medium)

2016-01-08 02.01.18

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