Who knew museums can be fun for a kid?

Lately, Penang has been bursting with so many new and cool places to visit. From quaint heritage cafes sprouting up at every nook and cranny of Georgetown like mushrooms after a rain to huge, sprawling shopping malls where one can find almost any item under the sun; museums are most certainly another treasure worth discovering and exploring.

For as long as I can remember, I knew Eric had a thing for museums (though I never could comprehend why). Coz you see….all this while I never really shared that same interest. But lately, after having been to the US and seeing the museums there, and now having visited some of the new ones in Penang, I finally began to view museums in a different perspective…..not all so dry and boring anymore. Who knew….even my 4-year old loved it! Check out these pictures (unfortunately a little low in quality as they were all taken using our Iphones)

History Museum of Penang (Pinaon Time Tunnel)

Walking through this museum is like walking through a time tunnel showcasing the history of Penang in chronological order. Visitors are given a piece of paper with some key notes with blank spaces and are asked to fill-in-the-blanks as we tour the museum. Cheryl joined in too.

MOH_1 (Medium)

We have our very own young journalist all prepared to take notes

MOH_2 (Medium)

MOH_4 (Medium)

MOH_3 (Medium)

Not too sure what she was writing but she was definitely very busy throughout the whole tour

MOH_6 (Medium)

The museum was barely a year old when we visited it. There was a floor that was still empty and we saw several artists painting future exhibits on the walls

Made in Penang Interactive Museum

This is a cool concept of how to make history come to life. The exhibits in this museum are three-dimensional and you can learn about Penang’s culture and history by being a part of it.

MOI_1 (Medium)

Eric’s face says it all…..”The sack is soooo heavy…..or maybe it was the baby”

MOI_3 (Medium)

No opportunity to have your picture taken in a trishaw? You can pretend that this is a real one

MOI_4 (Medium)

MOI_5 (Medium)

MOI_6 (Medium)

MOI_7 (Medium)

Striking a pose with Francis Light

MOI_8 (Medium)

MOI_9 (Medium)

MOI_10 (Medium)


MOI_11 (Medium)

MOI_12 (Medium)

MOI_13 (Medium)

MOI_14 (Medium)

MOI_15 (Medium)

MOI_16 (Medium)

MOI_17 (Medium)

MOI_18 (Medium)

MOI_19 (Medium)

MOI_20 (Medium)

MOI_21 (Medium)



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