Holiday season is here….

November has come and gone so quickly. Everyone’s in a holiday mood since Thanksgiving. Many things have happened since then. I haven’t been quite diligent in writing it down….so I must be in a holiday mood too 😛 In hopes of keeping this website up-to-date, here’s a little bit of everything that has taken place since my last post.

At the end of October, we travelled to Lincoln City again and this time to witness the Kite Festival. Among all the kites that were flying on that day, I have to say the most interesting one was the Quad Lines a.k.a. Revolutionary Kites. It’s a really cool invention of kite flying where the kites can be controlled to move forward, backward, or even stop in midair. You could even adjust the speed as you fly the kite across the wind, making it turn, spin and rotate like a propeller. At the festival, several of the kite-flying professionals formed a team to perform synchronized flying with music. It was really something worth watching. We ended the trip with a good, hearty buffet dinner at the Spirit Mountain Casino. The buffet here is the largest spread in Oregon and as a treat for first timers, we even got a $10 coupon to deduct from the already low price of $18.95. How much more can you ask for?

Cool kites but still not as agile as the quad line kites

The Revolutionary kites in action

What a great day to be hangin' out at the beach and Cheryl's sure not missing out on the fun

It's really windy....good day for kite-flying

The kites come in all shapes and sizes. This one's made of many balloons modelled into a big triangular kite

The more common or ordinary kites

Cheryl taking a break from the kite-flying event to have a nice, big scoop of ice cream

The balloon kite flew high in the sky

The atmosphere at the beach during the Kite Festival

Here’s a couple of videos taken on that day:

During mid November, my eldest brother, Seong Kuan who was on a business trip to US came over to Oregon and stayed with us for about a week. It was Cheryl’s first time seeing her uncle after such a long time since we left Malaysia. Cheryl, though generally being outgoing in nature, is much cautious with adult men. She has no problem warming up to female strangers though. Sometimes we really wonder how she’s able to make such gender distinction and preference even at this young age. I guess it’s just a stage that she’s going through right now and hopefully, she’ll grow out of it when she goes back to Malaysia. Anyway, my poor brother certainly tried all sorts of ways throughout his stay here to win her heart. At the end of the week, Cheryl did loosen up a bit but I guess 1 week wasn’t  enough to make her warm up completely. It was really nice having my brother around during that week. We enjoyed exploring places to eat together, we did quite a bit of shopping too and we also went to Lincoln City again. The weather in Lincoln City at that time was already much colder compared to the time during the Kite Festival so unfortunately, we didn’t get to take many photos at the coast together since it was too cold and windy to get out of the car. And just like the previous trip, we made a stop to indulge  again in the buffet! With so much eating, how could it be possible not to put on weight!

A picture of Cheryl and her Ah Koo taken at our neighbourhood with the beautiful fall colors in the background

The last few pictures taken where the trees were still full of color. They're all gone now....

Another one with Ah Koo near our apartment

Having dinner at a French Crepe restaurant in Portland

Cheryl was caught trying out her uncle's new shoes. She got upset that we started laughing at how cute she looked.

When Thanksgiving Day came, I took up the challenge of roasting turkey for the very first time for a Thanksgiving dinner with Eric’s colleagues. I have to admit, I was rather anxious about it. Roasting turkey is quite a big project by itself and the idea of it being the highlight dish for Thanksgiving means there’s no room for any mistakes. Since there were about 30 people coming for the dinner, it had to be a relatively big bird to feed the crowd so we got ourselves an 18-pounder! Anyway, to cut the long story short, with a lot of help from my dear hubby and with much weight-lifting as well as toiling in the kitchen from morning till evening, we finally did it! And here’s the photo to prove it 🙂

Fresh out of the oven.....

Our roast turkey along with other dishes brought by Eric's colleagues. Too bad we never got to take a picture of the stuffing I made. It was served separately and hidden behind the turkey


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  1. Seong Kuan December 13, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    I enjoyed my time with you all Eric, Su May & Cheryl. WIsh I had timed my trip to sample your beautiful roast turkey. Great job there to both of you!

    Till then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! .

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