Growing Up Together

The year 2017 is a special one as it marks another milestone in Cheryl’s journey through childhood. She started Primary 1 in January and as parents going through this for the first time, we were pretty anxious and nervous for her. On the contrary, Cheryl was as cool as a cucumber and she looked forward to going to school each day. She is very confident of herself and though she is quiet, she managed to quickly adjust to her new environment and made many new friends. I’ve heard that she is quite a helpful girl in school, very responsible and focused in completing her work quickly. I’m sure these are some of the reasons why she was chosen as the Assistant Class Monitor of her class. I’ve realized that even though she is much younger than I am, yet I have so many things to learn from her. She takes on every new challenge with a positive attitude and absolute confidence and she’s always gamed to learn new things. I hope she will never lose these great attributes of hers as she grows up.




Darren just turned 4 in March. This was his first birthday celebration with his classmates in school so it was pretty exciting for him. He started off the year crying each morning when we brought him to school. But now, he has also settled in well in school. Previously, Darren’s identity has always been tied to his sister, and I guess the reason why he had been crying when going to school is because he must have felt he had lost his sense of security when his sister went to another school. So it really is a significant year for him too as an individual.

Darren calls himself a fierce-animal lover. He’s into fierce animals like sharks, T- Rex and crocodiles and when I say he’s into it…..he’s really, really into it. Everything he has, from clothes, books and cartoons are about these creatures. Lately, his favorite past time is coloring….but only his favorite animals. He’s very good at keeping mummy, daddy (and his grandma too!) busy with never-ending requests of drawing pictures of his favorite animals for him to color. As a result of all the practice, we have become quite good at it…haha.


Trex Origami

It has been quite an eventful year so far. It definitely hasn’t been easy juggling this new year and new routine, but it’s very fulfilling to see them flourishing well as individuals. In other words, my babies are growing up. Many a times, I’ve been wishing for them to grow up faster, but for now, I really wish that there’s a pause button to this growing up journey of theirs. I know I’ve to remind myself more often to slow down and enjoy each precious moment while I still can.

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