Darren’s First Birthday

It amazes me how time can seem to have two personalities; sometimes they appear to stand so still that it feels like forever, and sometimes it is running so fast that it can’t seem to stop. As a stay home mom, there are times I just wish I can hit the fast forward button so that night time can come quickly and the children are fast asleep or better still super fast forward to the weekend when the daddy is around and I can relax a little. But there are also moments when I want things to slow down, when I suddenly realize that my children have grown up all too fast and I really miss watching them achieve each of their baby milestones. That’s how I felt when my little baby boy celebrated his 1st birthday this year. Couldn’t seem to believe this active, cheeky boy was once just a tiny, helpless little baby.

Darren turned one on 15th March 2014. And being the usual me, I couldn’t help but start planning for the little boy’s big day way ahead. It’s funny thinking of how much time and effort mothers pour into planning a birthday party that the child would most likely not have any recollection of. But all of us still love doing it anyway. To me, first birthdays are a special, once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s a celebration of the beginning of a new phase – toddlerhood and in a way, also marks the achievement for the parents for surviving through the baby’s first year. As challengingly exciting as it was, I’m very sure this next journey will be ever so much more. And I’m so looking forward to it. Happy 1st birthday, my sweet beloved boy.  

Cake_Edit (Medium)

The theme was teddy bears! Searched high and low for teddy bear biscuits. This was also his first time eating cake so we didn’t know what he was allergic to at that time. Thankfully he only took it towards the end of the party because he started developing rashes just minutes after he ate just a small bite and threw up all the cake after that

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The birthday table with more teddy bears


IMG_0011_edit (Medium)

Photos capturing various moments in Darren’s first year were hung all around the place

IMG_0003_edit (Medium)

“I am 1”

IMG_0040_edit (Medium)

IMG_0036_edit (Medium)

With Po Po and Aunty Penny

IMG_0028_edit (Medium)

With Ah Ku, Ah Kim and cousin Jaden

IMG_0005_edit (Medium)

Ah Ma is my best playmate when Che Che is at school

IMG_0046_edit (Medium)

IMG_0050_edit (Medium)

IMG_0052_edit (Medium)

IMG_0042_edit (Medium)

IMG_0041_edit (Medium)

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And Daddy’s strong arms carried me almost throughout my party coz I became shy after seeing so many new faces

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IMG_0069_edit (Medium)

IMG_0072_edit (Medium)

IMG_0094_edit (Medium)

IMG_0083_edit (Medium)

Kong Kong said a prayer of blessing

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IMG_0098_edit (Medium)

IMG_0103_edit (Medium)


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