Darren’s 6-month journey

Yay…..Darren is 6 months old now! It’s been quite a fun and exciting ride seeing him grow from a tiny newborn to a not-so-tiny-anymore baby. Darren has upgraded himself to 12-month old clothes….and for certain brand of clothing, he can even wear up to 18-month old clothes! During his 5th month measurement, Darren was already above-average in his height and weight percentile (Height percentile = 81.6, Weight percentile = 69.2). That’s my boy….exclusively breastfed, I’m proud to say 🙂

Here are his milestones and some of the cute little things he just loves doing:

  • This little boy has mastered the art of turning over by now.
  • He can sit up for a short period of time with the support of his hands. You’ll know he loves to be in that position because he wouldn’t stop smiling.
  • Darren loves to sing along with us when we put him to sleep. His favorite lullaby is “Jesus loves me this I know”
  • He grew 2 front teeth on his lower jaw when he turned 6 months old. That was also about the time he started biting mummy when drinking milk 🙁
  • He was introduced to solids just 1 week shy of his 6th month. We decided to start a little earlier since he showed so much interest in the food we were eating. His first solid food was mashed avocado with breast milk. Verdict: He loved it!  Mummy was so excited to experiment with her new steamer-blender so she went on a vegetable shopping spree over the weekend. This week’s menu will be pureed organic vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut squash. All deliciously sweet, healthy and yummy.
  • Darren loves to make music with his hands by beating on containers or basically any surface like a drum. He does that when you tell him to “Beat, Beat, Beat”. Daddy and Mummy thinks he’s going to be a good drummer when he grows up.
  • He has strong hands and feet that grip and kick real hard. As a result, poor Mummy’s hair and Daddy’s glasses has been pulled countless times before. He loves kicking too and practices real hard during bath time. Poor Mummy sometimes get wet from all the splashing.
  • He loves to draw attention to himself by faking a cough.
  • Darren can sometimes imitate words like “Mi” (for “Mummy”) and “Up”. Is it real or just a coincidence? Mummy still doesn’t know.
  • He simply adores his Che Che and never fails to smile and laugh when Cheryl plays with him. Sometimes we put Cheryl in charge of babysitting Darren so that we can get other chores done. You’ll be surprised our 3-year old has been doing a good job at that. Darren hardly ever cries when his Che Che is around him. But when he does cry, Cheryl will start singing songs to entertain him and will pat him gently to comfort him. She loves hanging out with Darren and has been such a responsible and loving older sister to Darren. Mummy and Daddy are so proud of her.
  • Darren is Daddy’s best weight training instructor. In just these 6 months, Daddy has done more biceps curls with Darren in his car seat carrier than probably his entire life. He rewards Daddy by falling asleep real fast. It doesn’t take much to please Daddy nowadays. A fast-asleep baby and some quiet personal time is all it takes to make Daddy the happiest man on earth.
  • Darren’s first long distance road trip to KL was in his 5th month. He behaved like a seasoned traveller, and slept mostly throughout the journey. What a relief for Daddy and Mummy!
  • Darren is one happy, easy-going, cheerful boy. He is extremely generous with his smiles. Flash him one and you’ll be pretty sure he’ll flash one right back at you.

Check out these pictures of our growing little boy.

All smiles in his 3rd month

2013-07-01 16.30.02 (Large)

Working out his hand and leg muscles in his very own personal gym – 4th month

2013-07-01 10.53.27 (Large)

This is how you do a frog kick – 4th month

2013-07-06 14.38.20 (Large)

Happy as always in his personal “OSIM chair” which has been previously used by his Che Che and 3 Chow cousins – 4th month

4 Months

An excited Darren when he was upgraded from a lying-down rocker to a sitting-up Bumbo seat – 4th month

Month 4

Walking the streets of Georgetown with Mummy – 4th month

Month 4

Darren and his two favorite girls 🙂

Month 5

BSF (Best Siblings Forever) – 5th month

Month 5

The cheeky boy – 5th month

Month 5

Chilling out on his ever-favorite rocker – 5th month

Month 5

His usual seat during our family meals – 5th month

Month 5

Looking good in red – 5th month

Month 5

Darren and his Kong Kong – 5th month

Month 5

Darren & Cheryl with Cousin Jethro – 5th month

Month 5

Daddy’s cute little boy – 5th month

Month 5

And Mummy’s sweetie pie – 5th month

Month 5 and a half

At 5 and a half months

Month 5.5

Our family mug shot – 5.5 months

Month 6

Posing happily for Mummy while Che Che was busy watching tv

Month 6

I love eating! – close to 6th month

Month 6

Looking grown up – 6th month

Month 6

Darren & Che Che – 6th month

MOnth 6

Che Che’s best friend and playmate – 6th month

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