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Cows are Cool in Tillamook

I guess most of us Malaysians haven’t heard of ‘Tillamook’. Well….at least I haven’t until I came to Oregon and saw Tillamook written all over the cheese, yogurt and ice cream shelves of supermarkets and food stores. Yup….these are dairy products…..which happen to be my favorite kind of food 🙂 But when we talk about Tillamook, it […]

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Chef in the House

If you noticed, 90% of all the blog posts are written by Sharon and I think it’s my turn now to pen some thoughts to it. After thinking of what to write, I guess I will blog on the wonderful food or meals that my lovely wife had been cooking and feeding me for the […]

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A Weekend in Seattle

Two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Seattle when my mom was still around in Oregon. Seattle is in the state of Washington, just about 3 hours drive from Portland. This trip was really a blessing from God; we would have just made a day trip to Seattle if not […]

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People often ask if I have any cravings during my pregnancy. Fortunately for Eric, I have not had any distinct cravings so far. Still no late night demands that require him to travel great lengths to fulfill my wishes. As a matter of fact, I think my eating habits have made life easier for him; […]

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