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What has Cheryl and Darren been up to?

I’m embarrassed to admit that it has been close to a year since my last post! In case you’re wondering what has happened to us, rest assured that we are all doing fine….just a little caught up with the busyness of everyday life….the usual. I know it’s about time I do justice to my two […]

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In loving memory of Papa – 1st Anniversary

Today marks exactly a year since my dad passed away yet somehow it didn’t feel like it was that long ago. I could still picture him so clearly in my mind, and remember how his voice sounded like. I do still miss him but I’ve no regrets though, I have 33 years of wonderful memories […]

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My New Normal

Confinement month is officially over and here comes the real challenge of caring for a newborn baby all on my own. I’m glad to say I survived the first month of it! Though I’ve been a stay home mom for the past 2 years, I’ve never actually experienced it with a newborn child. And for […]

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And the countdown begins……

Last weekend marked a very significant point of my pregnancy journey. My baby is now considered full term. Looking back at the past 38 weeks of my life, I don’t know whether to conclude if it went too quickly or too slowly. I started out thinking I had lots of time to get ready (after […]

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Chinese New Year 2013

This year Eric, Cheryl and I stayed back in Penang to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my side of the family. Travelling to KL while being heavily pregnant at my 35th week didn’t sound like a very good idea after all. For the first time in our Lim family history, we decided to celebrate […]

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A fun-filled time in KL

During one of our trips to KL, we decided to bring Cheryl out visiting places since she’s much older now to enjoy them. So after more than 20 years, I finally visited our good old Zoo Negara again. I couldn’t recall the time I first visited this place so I can’t say whether it has […]

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