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California theme parks

After Christmas, we went on a “theme park marathon” in LA and San Diego. We brought Cheryl for her first visit to Disneyland in LA and since she was below the age of 2, she got to go in for free. That also meant that she was too young to go on most of the rides. […]

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“California, here we come!”

After 3 weeks of rest, I finally got myself to start writing again. I guess the California adventure we had finally took a toll on the 3 of us. Just a few days after reaching our home in Oregon, Cheryl came down with a cold, followed consecutively by Eric and then myself. Thankfully, we have all recovered so it’s about time to […]

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A Festival of Lights

Before I begin this post, let me just put a note here that the videos from our previous 2 posts can now be viewed. I understand some of you had trouble viewing them when they were first published. Sorry for that. You may now view it directly from Youtube using these links: It’s a festival of lights here in Oregon and also in other […]

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Holiday season is here….

November has come and gone so quickly. Everyone’s in a holiday mood since Thanksgiving. Many things have happened since then. I haven’t been quite diligent in writing it down….so I must be in a holiday mood too 😛 In hopes of keeping this website up-to-date, here’s a little bit of everything that has taken place since […]

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October is all about Pumpkins….

Well….I wrote this several weeks back but I guess I’m a little behind in my postings. But since it’s still pumpkin season, I think I’m still not too late 🙂 From pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin spice latte, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin carving, pumpkin for decoration to pumpkin regatta/ boat race, there’s no limit to […]

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Colors of Fall

Lately we can’t help but see nature from a whole new light. What used to be lush greenery is now transforming into warm hues of yellow, orange and red. These are the colors of fall….. and such an incredible sight it is! During the initial weeks of the fall season, we literally drove around hunting for perfect spots […]

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