A Breezy Day at Rowena Crest

On the last Saturday of spring, we decided to make a trip to the Tom McCall Preserve at Rowena. We recently heard about this place from Eric’s colleagues. Along the way, we made a stop at Bonneville Dam.

Back in 2006, Eric and I had been to another bigger dam in Nevada i.e. Hoover Dam. So I didn’t expect to see anything different with the Bonneville Dam. But that morning, when we reached the place, the waters at the dam was on high, so we got to see how strong the currents were once the waters passed the turbines into the river. We didn’t get to see the Hoover Dam ‘in action’ back then so this was an interesting sight for us.

Later, we continued our journey to Rowena Crest.This was a magnificent plateau overlooking the Columbia River Gorge and is graced by spectacular wildflowers. The wind on that day was extremely strong; it felt almost like we were about to be blown off the cliff. Cheryl seemed to be laughing at this new experience and at the same time she was not too happy and was scolding the wind. There were a lot of people visiting the place on that day and most of them hiked quite a distance in. We heard from some of them that there were even more wildflowers if you hike further in but we weren’t prepared for a hike (didn’t bring water and I didn’t wear proper walking shoes) so we decided not to go in. And with Cheryl being a little annoyed at the wind, we thought it may not be such a good idea after all. Perhaps, we will make another trip there some other day.

We have included an interactive map below. Go ahead and click on the icons below to see the photos and descriptions of the locations we have visited.

View Historic Columbia River Gorge in a larger map

Fish Hatchery at Cascade Locks on the way to Bonneville Dam

Bonneville Dam

The strong currents flowing from the turbines

This was taken outside a restaurant where we had our lunch

[vimeo 25014669 w=600&h=338]

Our little girl refused to wake up for her lunch at Charburger Country

Wildflowers at Rowena Crest

Beautiful scenery at the Tom McCall Preserve

More wildflowers

The grass and flowers being blown by the strong wind

Spectacular view of the Columbia River Gorge from Rowena Crest

The Gorge Discovery Center and Wasco County Museum along Columbia River Gorge

At the Museum

Spectacular view along the highway as we make our way back to Portland.


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  1. Winnie June 19, 2011 at 3:21 am #

    I like the 2nd pic (Eric & Cheryl)! It makes me laugh! :D…

    • sharon June 20, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

      hehe…Cheryl was making funny faces again 😉

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