My Little Toddler’s Interesting Life

Only 2 months have passed since Cheryl’s 1 year old birthday yet it seems like our little girl has grown so much within this short period of time. It’s amazing to watch her grow up right before our very own eyes. This girl who was once a small, helpless baby has today become a cheerful, cheeky and confident toddler. There is never a day she doesn’t make us laugh with her sweet smile and cute little tricks. We are thankful that she has the opportunity to experience life here in the US…even though it may only be for a few months. Here in the US, it can be like a child’s haven: so many fun places to visit and so many cool things to do for a kid. Cheryl may still be too young to recall most of these experiences, but hopefully by recording it all down in this website, she can read all about it when she is older.

Cheryl: “I’ve got Oregon under my feet”

Storytime at the Library

Two weeks ago, we brought Cheryl to her 1st family storytime session at the public library. During storytime, the children will gather to listen to stories being read to them, sing songs together, play simple, interactive games and mix around with the other children. Cheryl was probably still a little too young to sit down attentively throughout the session. And usually half-way thru, the whole room gets pretty noisy as all the younger children start to get restless. Nevertheless, it was still fun. How I wish there were children activities like this back in Malaysia. Children here in the US get to “be children”. They grow up in an environment where they are encouraged to explore through play, they are taught that there are no boundaries to creativity and that making mistakes are part and parcel of learning.

Visit to the Toy Store

Cheryl loves to visit the toy store. We have brought her several times to Toys”R”Us and she loves to walk along the aisles and explore the toys on her own….of course, we make sure one of us is keeping an eye on her. Apart from the toys, I think she likes to make friends with other children. One day, she saw a bigger boy walking with his mother. She started following him and I guess she just wanted to make friends. But this boy was not interested. He looked at Cheryl with a stern face, pointed his finger at her and said “No”. And guess what our little girl did…she stood up for herself. Not afraid that she was the younger and smaller one, she pointed back at the boy and scolded him in her own language….maybe she was telling him to “Be nice”. We all including the boy’s mom found it just so hillarious.

Playing dress up at Toys "R" Us

Young Scientist at the OMSI

The OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) is a place worth visiting if you have children. We recently signed up as members of the OMSI. Besides having a large variety of exhibits on science, the museum also has an OMNIMAX dome theatre, a planetarium, a real submarine that you can go into and they also put up different themed exhibitions from time to time. Just last week, Cheryl went to the museum for her 2nd time when her cousins, Bethany and Lucas and her Aunt Penny came to visit.  We could really see how much she has progressed since her 1st visit to the museum. Unlike the 1st visit at her 12th month, this time she was busy exploring and discovering things on her own.

Below is a video of Cheryl practicing her balancing skills in an earthquake simulator with the magnitude of 6.8

 Favorite TV Channel – Sprout

We hardly watch the cable TV provided here in our apartment, mostly because the package that we have is really a basic one with mostly old movies which are not interesting to watch. But there is one channel that is fully utilized, and that’s the one showing the children’s program, Sprout. The program runs non-stop throughout the day and even at night. But of course, we try to limit Cheryl’s TV watching time as much as possible. Cheryl has a few favorite cartoon programs in Sprout: Caillou, Sesame Street, Super WHY, Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies, Berenstain Bears, Pajanimals, The Good Night Show and Kipper. She loves to hum to the music and imitate some of the actions. Cheryl can even anticipate the actions for some of the programs she has seen before and she’ll do the actions even before seeing it appear on the screen. She will sure miss watching Sprout when she goes back to Malaysia.

The Good Night Show with Nina and Star

Cheryl with Caillou showing in the background


Going Shopping

Cheryl enjoys going shopping with us. The 1st video below shows Cheryl in her 12th-month, busy checking out the clothes at the outlet stores.

When we go out for grocery shopping, she will hang out with Daddy while I do the groceries. Some of the food stores in US such as Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe’s have a little shopper’s cart for kids. Check out the 2nd video of Cheryl below helping out with grocery shopping.

Video taken at 12 Months 3 Weeks

Video taken at 14 Months 1 Week

Cheryl at Bedtime

Nowadays, putting Cheryl to sleep is a challenging task. It used to be so easy to make her go to sleep….all I need to do is just breastfeed her and she’ll automatically go to sleep after drinking. Today, Cheryl will be running all around the room and playing with us after her milk feed. If Daddy is in the room and lying down on the bed, she will be sitting on his tummy and bouncing up and down and crawling all over his body. If Mummy is in the room, she will keep on asking for milk and stop for intermissions to play and run around the room. As much as we wish she could go to sleep like she used to, we know this is all part of growing up and we enjoy seeing her progress from one phase to another.

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