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The Enchanted Adventure Garden

We were looking for a place to bring the kids during the long Labour Day weekend when we stumbled upon this intriguing place called ‘Enchanted Adventure Garden’. What caught our eye was that this park had a few life-size mazes. One of Darren’s favourite pasttimes is solving maze puzzles so we felt this was the […]

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Melbourne……here we come!

After what seemed like ages, our family finally had the opportunity to go on our next out-of-the-country holiday. Both Cheryl and Darren were elated when we broke the news to them about their holiday trip to Down Under. They kept reminding me how they couldn’t wait to go, how excited they were and how come […]

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Growing Up Together

The year 2017 is a special one as it marks another milestone in Cheryl’s journey through childhood. She started Primary 1 in January and as parents going through this for the first time, we were pretty anxious and nervous for her. On the contrary, Cheryl was as cool as a cucumber and she looked forward […]

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Paddy fields at Sekinchan

Growing up in Kedah, paddy fields have naturally become a common sight to me whenever I travel in the car. But truth be told, I have never actually been to one. In my mind, such places usually are infested with snakes and all sorts of creatures that I definitely do not want to meet. So when […]

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Our 10th year Wedding Anniversary

Today we celebrated our 10th year wedding anniversary. How time flies! Thanks to our friends J and KP, we were able to go out for our first date without the kids since Cheryl was born 5½ years ago. It felt strange at first because usually our attention would always be on the kids and we […]

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Seeing God’s Hand in the Midst of Uncertainty

Nothing hurts more than to see your own child being sick or in pain. The past few weeks had not been easy for both Eric and I. But even more so for our daughter, Cheryl who endured more than a week of fluctuating fever, more than 2 weeks of consuming medicine after medicine, braving countless […]

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